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Cut your tax burden and boost your wealth with Pipeline Accounts

Why Pipeline?

We specialise in helping contractors in the energy sector throughout the UK and the world to manage their financial affairs, and have hundreds of satisfied clients. We will appoint a named accountant to collaborate with you on reducing the amount of tax you pay and building up your wealth. We also offer an IR35 or disguised employment contract review service to ensure you comply with the rules. Yes, we will handle your accounts and your tax returns. But that’s just for starters.

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Already a Contractor?

If you are already a limited company contractor in the energy sector, there are plenty of good reasons for switching to Pipeline. Traditional accountancy firms very often just carry out basic processing of your records to help you comply with the rules. They offer little or no advice on where tax savings can be made. We take a much more pro-active approach, giving you advice from the start and all the way through, allowing you to make the most of your money.

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New to Contracting?

If you are thinking of becoming a limited company contractor in the energy sector, we can give you the best start. We will set up your company for you, give you all the advice you need and help to minimise your tax bills. Our qualified and experienced accountants will help you reduce your tax liabilities to as low as 15%, maximise your take-home pay and set you up for a financially secure retirement.

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Are you a limited company contractor in the energy sector? Or thinking of becoming one? We can help to lower your tax bills, maximise your take-home pay and build a strong financial future for you. Come on stream today with Pipeline Accounts, specialist oil and gas and renewables contractor accountants based in Aberdeen, Europe’s energy capital. It’ll pay dividends.

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